At central level, OCHA oPt contributes as Secretariat to two main coordination mechanisms:

The Humanitarian Emergency Policy Group (HEPG): Co-chaired by World Bank and the EU/EC, including the US, Norway and UNSCO. Topics covered by the HEPG include: access negotiations; contacts with COGAT; review of ongoing relief efforts by major service providers; deployment of international personnel in the West Bank and Gaza; security and security guarantees for relief personnel; humanitarian monitoring and information exchange.

The Operational Coordination Group (OCG): This group is chaired by UNRWA and tackles issues related to access logistics, operational coordination in the field, common advocacy orientations and consolidated appeal monitoring. One such Group covers the West Bank and another works in Gaza.

At the field or regional level, OCHA has six Field Coordination Units (FCUs).
These act as the coordination focal points for the humanitarian community in the following ways:

  • OCHA supports local authorities (Governorates, Municipalities) in their leadership and responsibilities towards humanitarian relief to their populations. Regular coordination forums are organised, usually in the Governorate premises, chaired by the Governor and OCHA acts as Secretariat. These forums include local counterparts, local and international humanitarian actors and present a multi-sector overview of the needs and related assistance.

  • OCHA has regular contacts with a core group of international aid providers present locally in the field in order to monitor the humanitarian situation, coordinate assistance and ensure that agencies share strategic and operational perspectives.

  • OCHA is enhancing planning arrangements with partners on the ground in the Gaza Strip, including lessons learnt from the international response to the May 2004 incursion in Rafah. Each FCU is also preparing scenarios for regional contingency planning, with relevant first steps for emergency response.

Contact information:

Main Office
phone: +972 (02) 582 9962
alt phone: +972 (02) 582 5853
MAC House 7 St. George Street.
P.O. Box 38712, E. Jerusalem
fax: +972 (02) 582 5841

GAZA Coordination Unit
phone: +972 (08) 286 0074
fax: +972 (08) 282 0966

South West Bank Coordination Unit
phone: +972 (02) 229 2114
fax: +972 (02) 229 2114

North West Bank Coordination Unit
phone: +972 (09) 234 3606
fax: +972 (09) 234 3606

Central West Bank Coordination Unit
phone: +972 (02) 297 4834
fax: +972 (02) 297 4834

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