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Information Centre

Gaza Response Activity Database Report | 1 June 2009
Gaza Response Activity Database (GRAD) is established as a coordination tool for the sectors and clusters to be able to establish Who is doing What Where on an activity level since the Gaza crisis. The GRAD is an on-line database and is continuously updated by the agencies working in Gaza. This summary gives an overview of the situation as reported 1 June. The report shows completed and ongoing activities.

Click here to access GRAD online
Who does What Where
Information Pool
In line with OCHA's mandate to improve information coordination, OCHA oPt is setting up a so called information pool, also called Survey of Surveys, to increase information flow of reports and surveys relating to our Area of responsibility.

This information pool is a document repository and a service to share information collected by humanitarian organisations and agencies working in oPt. Such information can be crucial in case of an emergency.

The aim is to make this a searchable site. However, at the moment we start up with a temporary solution, with an Excel sheet where you will find direct links to the reports collected to date. These can be searchable by pressing the keys Ctrl-F.

The information pool will be continuously updated, and if you have comprehensive reports, surveys or assessments in line with what is linked up already, please contact Alicia Burke on burke@un.org.

We would also appreciate to be informed about planned reports as soon as you know about them, in order to avoid overlapping. Survey of Survyes

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