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As a planning mechanism, the CAP has contributed significantly to developing a more strategic approach to the provision of humanitarian aid. As a coordination mechanism the CAP has fostered closer cooperation between governments, donors, aid agencies, and a range of other humanitarian organisations.

CAP 2008


Cap 2008 Mid-Year Review
For the review of the CAP 2008, humanitarian needs in all sectors have been reassessed. The main conclusion is that the priority needs identified by the end of 2007 remain unchanged. However, taking into account the factors outlined above, the Gaza Strip has been identified as an increasing priority in terms of delivery of humanitarian aid.

Jerusalem- United Nations humanitarian agencies along with international and national non- governmental organisations operating in the oPt (West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip), appealed today for USD$ 462 million to fund humanitarian assistance programmes. These programmes respond to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the oPt, mostly in parts of the West Bank where the Barrier, Israeli settlements and access restrictions imposed by the Israeli authorities affect the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of persons, and in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli blockade has given rise to a rapid and significant increase in poverty and unemployment in the last year.
CAP Summary 2008
A summary of 2008 CAP that includes : strategic priorities for humanitarian response , facts and figures about humanitarian crisis and summary of funding requirements by sector and by appealing agency all supported by maps and charts.
CAP 2008 Press Release
The UN and humanitarian partner agencies launched their largest ever appeal for Palestinians - $462 million - as the population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is forced into greater dependency on humanitarian assistance in 2008.
CAP 2008 Volume 2 : Projects
This document is the second part of the main CAP 2008 document. It includes tables of projects grouped by sector, and by appealing organisation
CAP 2008 Vol 1
This is the main Consolidated Appeals Process document. It contains needs assesment, maps, figures and situation analysis.


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