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A monthly report compiled by OCHA on humanitarian access and protection of civilians using the Bertini Commitments, relevant Security Council Resolutions, international humanitarian law and human rights law as a base reference. Includes indicators related to access for ambulance and water tanker as well as humanitarian access. The report consolidates indicators previously monitored in the humanitarian Monitoring Report and Gaza Access Report.
Humanitarian Update
18 Dec 2006

Humanitarian Update | November 2006

In November, the United Nations and participating NGOs appealed for more than US$453 million for emergency humanitarian assistance to meet increasing Palestinian needs in 2007.

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23 Nov 2006

Humanitarian Update | October 2006

The Israeli military operation inside the Gaza Strip continued for the fifth consecutive month with an increase in hostilities leading to a higher number of Palestinian casualties than in September. There were also increased casualties resulting from Palestinian-Palestinian (internal) violence.

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18 Oct 2006

Humanitarian Update | September 2006

The Israeli military operation inside the Gaza Strip continued in September for the fourth consecutive month. In the West Bank, the humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate, in particular with the tightening of the closure regime.

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25 Sep 2006

Humanitarian Update | August 2006

The Israeli military operation inside the Gaza Strip continued in August for the third consecutive month despite renewed international efforts to bring about an end to hostilities and to address the humanitarian needs arising from the current violence.

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30 Jul 2006

Humanitarian Update | Jun - Jul 2006

The months of June and July were particularly difficult for the protection of civilians (222 Palestinians killed) and humanitarian access in the oPt. Israel launched a military operation into the Gaza Strip and search and arrest campaigns continued throughout the West Bank.

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15 May 2006

OCHA Humanitarian Update May 2006

41 Palestinians killed in May 2006. Palestinian workers and traders with valid permits were once again able to access Israel. Physical obstacles increased to 519. Humanitarian access detoriorated in May 2006.

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30 Apr 2006

Humanitarian Update | April 2006

Special Focus: Can Business Relieve Suffering? Discusses whether investing in the private sector could alleviate the humanitarian problems facing the Palestinian people. | Of note this month | Monitoring Issues | New humanitarian reports

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25 Mar 2006

Humanitarian Update | March 2006

Special Focus: Avian flu - A virus without bordersDepenndency upon poulry in the oPt, with maps. Also: drought in Hebron, barrier construction in Jerusalem, closures in Northern West Bank

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17 Mar 2006

Humanitarian Update | February 2006

Special Focus: Access to Jerusalem

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28 Feb 2006

Humanitarian Update | January 2006

Special Focus: Emerging humanitarian risks | Humanitarian Reports | Humanitarian Assistance in the oPt | Humanitarian Events | Monitoring Issues

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